How to Start a Podcast Series

How to start a Podcast in Australia

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Using the right recording equipment and software to record your podcast

A beginner’s guide to setting up a podcast


Podcasts are fast becoming a popular medium for social engagement across the world. According to the 2019 Reuters Institute Digital Report, 27% of Australians are listening to podcasts on any given month. Unlike other mediums, podcasting doesn’t have to conform to a set time limit or creative guidelines. The topics and themes for podcasting can range from health and nutrition to political commentary. There is a unique appeal to the entertaining, story-telling form of podcasts – it’s intimate and direct.

When creating a podcast series, the end goal is to attract as many regular listeners as possible. The most effective way to gain regular listeners is through subscriptions. Of course, the podcast has to be engaging and accessible in order to encourage subscriptions to your channel. Whether it’s your passion or a hobby, there a few guiding steps to starting a successful podcast.


How to start a podcast in 5 simple steps:

1. Planning your podcast

Developing the ideas, themes and topics for your podcast.

When starting a podcast, its important to plan out your idea, themes and topics. Without a plan, your podcast can fall apart very quickly. Some common things to plan for include:

  • How to introduce yourself in a podcast
  • Which topics and themes to include in your podcast
  • The right duration for a podcast
  • How often should you post new podcasts

Create an outline for the first few episodes of your podcast and try to follow a common theme so that you can keep your subscribers as you create new podcasts.

2. Recording your podcast

Using the right recording equipment and software to record your podcast.

There are so many different recording devices and technologies that can be used to create a podcast. Anyone can use a phone or laptop to record their podcast but the quality of the recording will be poor and it will impact subscriptions. When you record your podcast using professional recording equipment, it becomes easier on the ears and is more likely to attract subscribers. Equipment like microphones, booms, pre amplifiers, equalisers and recording software make all the difference to the quality of your podcast.

3. Editing your podcast

Adding music, intros/outros and personality to your podcast.

Practice makes perfect. Your first podcast recording may not go to plan, so record it again, edit the work and perfect it. Be sure to check copyright laws when adding music to your podcast.

4. Uploading your podcast

Hosting your podcast and getting your voice out there!

There are a number of sites and apps that can be used for DIY podcast hosting. Podhub can help you set up podcasting with a personalised app for recording, hosting and editing your podcasts. Uploading your podcast to iTunes, Amazon, Google play music and etc. can help get your podcast out to more listeners.

5. Sharing your podcast

Increasing subscriptions to your podcast and growing your audience.

As you plan, edit, record, upload and share your podcasts, they will improve and you will start creating better content. It’s important to share your podcasts and make them as visible as possible. You can use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and all the other every day social media apps to get the word out. Own your podcast and share your voice with the world.

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