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Do what only you can do… create amazing content. We’ll guide you on how to create your persona, unique perspective and add experience to your podcast. Simply record and share with us through Facebook, YouTube or email!


Our talented podcast producers deliver nothing but perfection. ThePodHubs Virtual Podcast editing service gives you the peace of mind that your podcast will sound professional and worthy of sharing with your audience.


Once your amazing podcast is edited to perfection, it is seamlessly distributed across all major podcast networks for you. This means you save countless hours spent learning how to produce and edit, leaving your free to record engaging content for your hungry audience.

 4 x 60 minute podcast production & editing, and publishing across podcast networks – STARTING AT $220 PER MONTH


ThePodHub Australia co-founder Liam Zollo interviews Beth, regarding her journey on starting a podcast and how easy it was to make it sound professional with the help of ThePodHubs cost-effective prodcast packages.

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Why choose Virtual Podcast Production & Editing?

FREE Hosting

We provide hassle free hosting on our platform at no cost to you. You save $59.99 a month!

Save your time

Don't spend countless hours on Google trying to master audio engineering.

 More focus

Instead of worrying about how your podcast sounds, you can focus on content and audience.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we record the audio for our podcast?

It can be as simple as recording the podcast on your phone, or recording a Zoom meeting. From there, we can extract the audio, work our magic and produce a professional sounding podcast. We can guide you on the best remote podcast recording equipment for your budget, and how to generally improve your sound quality by working with what you already have.

How do I understand who my audience is and what they want to hear?

With all Virtual Production Packages we send you a podcast strategy outline that will help you create a podcast people want to listen to and engage with.

Who owns the content?

You own 100% of the content when you work and host your podcast with ThePodHub! Be careful when choosing free podcast hosting applications as they control your content.

Does the content have to be perfect?

No, that’s our specialty! We can edit out  any background noise, kids screaming or content that may not align to your clients values. We infact encourage a little raw content as hey, thats how podcasting differs from other mediums!

What if we leave ThePodHub, can we take our content and keep the podcast live?

Yes! ThePodHub absorbs the hosting fee whilst we work with you on the virtual podcast production and editing package. Should you leave us and want to keep your podcast going there is a small monthly hosting fee to keep your podcast live. It works exactly like Web hosting to keep your Website live.